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We view the legal industry as a competitive and challenging marketplace where stability and profit depend on effective short and long-term business-management strategies. In today’s growing legal market, the practice of law has truly become the business of practicing law. Therefore, firms should be looking to the tools of corporate management to enhance their business.

In the current landscape, there is no room for complacency. For law firms to satisfy the growing needs of their present clients and attract new clients from their competitors, they must ensure the best quality legal services possible.   This means attracting and promoting top-quality lawyers and administrative staff who see themselves as an integral part of the firm’s business. Looking inwards law firms and company legal departments must build a high quality legal team that shows intellect, creativity, diligence, flexibility, stability and integrity. Looking outwards firms should be leveraging their brand image, improving their marketability and ensuring that essential knowledge is shared and exploited for better client relationships.

Those firms that continue to rely on an aging reputation or the profit boosts of one or two rainmakers will soon find themselves falling behind the innovations of the more forward-looking firms that are putting effective management at the center of their agenda.

Our Services

Our reputation for excellence is well deserved.  For us, recruiting is not about filling a job request, it is about building a stronger organization for the future.

We act as a strategic advisor to law firms, companies and to individual attorneys.  We advise both local Israeli and international law firms and companies doing business with Israel.  Our services include recruiting and management solutions:

  • Strategic Recruitment of Senior, Mid-Level and Junior Attorneys in all Practice Areas.
  • Recruiting High Level Bilingual Attorneys in Languages including: Hebrew * English * Spanish * French * German * Russian * Dutch etc…
  • Recruitment of Office Managers and Secretarial and Paralegal Staff.
  • Assessing and Advising on Law Firm Mergers and Acquisition of Practice Groups.
  • Advise on Law Firm Marketing and Branding.
  • Advise on Partnership Compensation, Partnership Agreements.
  • Coaching, Rain-Making and Relationship Building.
We don’t work alone!  As leaders in the field of Strategic Law Firm Growth Consulting, when necessary we bring in experts in each field of specialty and work together to find solutions that work for your law firm.



We review our active searches with you, and explore which openings best match your interests and personal situation – and which ones have the most potential for long-term career advancement.


Access is our most important asset.  SmartJOB makes sure that your resume is placed in front of the right people, at the right time. Our long-standing relationships with partners and key legal recruiting administrators means that your resume will receive prompt attention. We know who will be actively looking for attorneys in the near future. And we also know who will interview and extend an offer should the “right” candidate happen to become available.

Interview Preparation

SmartJOB coaches you on the best way to conduct yourself during the interview. If you have not interviewed for a position during the past two years, it is essential that you discuss interviewing strategies with us. In a highly competitive lateral market, a flawed interviewing technique can mean missing out on outstanding opportunities. If possible, we supply you with a list of the lawyers who will be interviewing you, as well as background information on the client.


SmartJOB is your advocate during each stage of the search process. We draw attention to your strengths, and downplay your weaknesses. We work hard to maximize your chances of attaining the career-enhancing job you seek. More importantly, we strive to make sure you’re extended multiple offers. Your bargaining position will be significantly improved if clients know you have several options.


Client Assesment

Our consultants meet with the organization’s hiring decision-makers to assess current and, if appropriate, long-term personnel needs. We seek to understand not just the client’s practice areas and business strategy, but also the client’s style and culture. Together with that decision-maker we determine the best-suited profile for your budget and specific needs.

Database Review

We initially review our in-house data base — and then tap into our network of contacts — to develop a list of potential candidates. Our data base covers a wide range of both nationally and internationally preeminent lawyers and IP professionals at every level of accomplishment and in most practice areas.

Candidate Screening

All potential candidates are pre-qualified prior to client referral. The evaluation includes a review of abilities, academic record, depth of practice experience, motivation, short and long term career objectives, and personal attributes necessary to ensure the best fit with the client’s organizational culture and particular personnel needs. Only attorneys whose profiles closely match the search specifications established by the client are referred for an interview.


With our extensive network of attorney and client contacts, SmartJOB is well-positioned to obtain a broad overview of emerging trends in the legal marketplace. This perspective is a critically important aspect of the service we provide to clients, and enables us to perform a consulting role as part of every search.


Adv. Minna Ferziger Felig, is a partner in Machshavot SmartJOB and heads the Strategic Recruitment and Mergers arm of the company.  Following years as a practicing attorney in New York and Israel, Ms. Felig has been providing recruitment consultation to law firms and companies in Israel and abroad since setting up her own company, Minna Felig Lawjobs in 1999.  Since then, she has been instrumental in advising senior partners and law firms on their growth options, and in facilitating several mergers and acquisitions in Israel.


A graduate of Georgetown University Law School and Barnard College of Columbia University, Adv. Felig worked as a legal recruiter in New York City before practicing Intellectual Property law in N.Y. at Gold, Farrell and Marks and then in Israel at S. Horowitz & Co. and Meitar, Littman, Nechmad & Co. (now Meitar, Liquornik, Geva, Leshem, Tal.)

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